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About Nic

As founder and manager of Ros Refinery, Nic is a highly trained and passionate Pilates instructor. Nic is from the UK and has been practising and teaching Pilates for over 19 years. Nic was originally from a sports background and was introduced to Pilates by a physiotherapist, after a spinal injury, and instantly fell in love. It was from there that Nic completed her training in London, whilst travelling from Nottingham, until she completed the full Pilates diploma of all disciplines. This covers in-depth training for remedial clients, post and prenatal care, seniors, children and all Pilates equipment.

Nic teaches weekly classes and runs small groups and private sessions from our home studio. Nic endeavours to create a program to allow her clients to develop both physically and mentally. Building an awareness of your own body to aid in a more flexible, functional and happy body for the rest of your life.


About Us


At Ros Refinery, we aim to provide affordable Pilates without compromising on expert knowledge and high-end quality. This is why our students enjoy our classes at unmatched prices without missing out on the mastery of a first-rate Pilates studio.

As a family-run business, we provide personal care in a close-knit environment. Focusing on using Pilates as not only an excellent fitness regime but also as a way of life.

With instructors trained in London with the world-renowned Harley Street Physio and by Joseph Pilates' fourth-hand apprentices, we abide by the traditional seven principles of Pilates and aim to inform our students of how to use these principles within their own Pilates practice. 


Client Testimonials

"Nic has a such a wealth of knowledge and experience you’ll feel great after every workout.

I love how involved she gets in making sure you’re doing everything to your individual potential and more importantly making sure you’re doing it correctly to get the most out of your workout.

I couldn’t recommend Nic highly enough!"

- Pauline H


"I've always found it distracting trying to exercise with bub, but Nicola's class provided the right amount of interaction to keep him entertained.

Her knowledge of the postpartum body, stretches and postures really helped strengthen my body and fix the pains and aches that came with childbirth and motherhood.

The social aspect of catching up with other mums was an added bonus!"

- Pamela M

“Nicola is a caring and knowledgable professional, who I worked with, both in a group setting and one-to-one.  She helped me improve my strength and fitness and I could really see the results! I was even her client through pregnancy as well as through some serious health issues.  I know the Pilates made a difference in how my body handled both of these.”

- Judith S

"You are an excellent instructor Nic, in your understanding of the body, how it should move and how to strengthen it."

- Carol M

"My husband and I have worked with Nic as our pilates instructor over the past 4 years. She's genuinely an amazing instructor; technically focused, encouraging, and lots of fun! I really respect her skills and knowledge, and am grateful for her attention to detail which helps ensure safe pilates practise. I would highly recommend her services, whichever stage of life you are currently in. Nic competently adapted my pilates practise during my recent antenatal and postnatal periods, which I believe helped my postnatal recovery. She's fabulous!"

- Leila P

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