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Welcome, I'm Nic. A certified Pilates teacher, personal trainer and mother of three beautiful humans and stepmama to a kind young man. I've been teaching Pilates in a remedial setting since 2006 and specialised in post and pre-natal for the last 5 years. 

Having become a mother again at 40! I know more than ever how much care your body needs after pregnancy and childbirth. You deserve some extra TLC, get what you need for your body to rebuild stronger and more confident than ever before. 


On-Demand Classes

Location: Canning Vale, WA

We offer many virtual services for those that cannot attend in person. These include our on-demand video classes where you can pay to access a class of your choice to follow along at home. We also offer virtual private 1:1 and small group sessions if you prefer a personalised program to suit your lifestyle.

 If you register, you will be the first to know when these courses are available.

So don't wait, live your dream fitness lifestyle by trying one of our virtual services today!



Most Popular

Below are our most popular classes.

Our private sessions are specially tailored to your needs and perfect for those just getting started on their pilates journey, or those who want a more in-depth understanding of their body and a customised program to set you on the right path. Alongside your sessions with me, you will be given a home program to follow. This will give you the confidence to continue your training at home without me there.